Saturday, November 19, 2011

MC2 1107 Time to Revisit the Bizarro World of Windows

When it comes to taking a course of Action in the "world of Computers", there are Roughly 3 Choices:

The Apple Way

The Google/Android Way

And the window's way.


The Apple Way is really the most Designer-Centric of the Three.  It Tends to focus on what Technologist's used to think of as "Intangibles".  

What Does it Look Like?  How Does if Feel?  

Is it Comfortable?

In a word: aesthetic.


The Google Approach is: 

"Let's throw everything at the Wall and See what Sticks".  

This Way they get some winners and a lot of stuff that 

Just-Doesn't-Quite Work.

Buzz, as an example.  

They Still Get an "A" for Effort.


With Windows we suddenly drift down toward what Star Wars calls: The Dark Side.  

But That's a bit too harsh.  Let's replace it with Superman's Bizarro World.  

I mean Really.

A Brown Zune Music / Media Player?  



I Guess the Real Story behind all this Tag-Team in-Fighting is 

That an old New Player has re-entered the Ring.


You heard All About The Kindle Reader and the Kindle Fire Semi-Tablet. 

You Know they have a Mega-Store that 


From Music, Videos, and Books (hard Cover and Audible) to
anything a Supermarket can sell you, even Dog Food.

You want a Market Place, They're the Real Deal.

And Quietly Have-Been For A While.
They'll even rent you a Chunk of the Cloud for Storage.

But You probably missed This:

Blue Origin: 'Ultra-Secretive' Company  

Releases Footage Of New Shepard Rocket Test

Blue Origin, the rocket company underwritten by founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, has released two new videos showing a successful test of a rocket using vertical take-off and vertical landing technology.

Blue Origin Link:



Now THIS Is Bizarro.



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