Tuesday, November 01, 2011

MC2 Post 1093 Steve Jobs BOOK Raises Questions (Again) about Apple TV

The Book Sells Itself.

From the Big Stores ......

To The Smaller Ones, 

The Steve Jobs BOOK is a Hit 

 ( Like Most Things Apple, these days ).  

If You Ask about what was on SJ's table for the 
"Next Big Thing", the current consensus from 
the Land of the Geeks is Apple TV.

And the Project Is Going Forward...

Apple Effort to Develop TV Is Said to Be Led 
by ITunes Creator Jeff Robbin

TinyURL:  http://tinyurl.com/69zu2pl


A bit of background about Steve's Love/Hate effort to bring the Ultimate Apple TV to market can be heard on This Week's 
TWIT program, Home Theater Geeks #85, linked below:

IPTV Update on Home Theater Geeks #85
with Scott WILKINSON

This Quality of Podcasting should not be ignored or missed.  Readily available on iTunes (of course) and playable on just about any Geek device you might have handy.





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