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MC2 1098 The Prime List of Eligible Kindle e-Books and a Google Plus posting

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Here's a copy of Today's Google+ Rants and Issues

Of Smart Phones and Suddenly A Dumber Window's Mouse

At first I thought it was an EGO Issue.  People generally have stopped using the Mouse as much.  Replaced by the tablet Styled Touching, Two-finger Zooming-Shrinking and of course, swiping. 

Then I Thought it was a case of Creeping "Metro".  Windows next Tablet "Aware" interface coming in Windows 8.  You know, some of the hooks to the Next-Interface have been dropped in as a patch (in the background--for field testing I would guess) and have somehow some trigger or glich has switched it on.

Something Lobodomized my Mouse.

Why do I say This.  Well I post a daily Blog and I use good-old notepad for a pre-write.

Well, after thousands of repeated actions I do a lot of the formating by very familiar mouse-function habits. A lot of Link, Highlight, Copy-Paste kind of functionality.

Suddenly, my Windows Mouse has unlearned some of it's functionality.

You click on something you want to link (highlight) and it misses on first, second and even third try.  Or, get this, it expands to grab the previous word (which you don't want) and then won't let go.  You have to grab it by moving and highlighting from back to front to avoid catching the wrong leading word.

You check for answers from "windows adept sources" and they say, "The Roller ball is dirty."  I don't have a roller.  I haven't had one for years.  It's a red light, dude. 

Okay, the surface is giving the "beam" the wrong signal.  Nope, it's the same Staples Mouse pad I've had for many many moons.

I say, something is a-foul in Redmont. And I think it's Creeping METRO.

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