Sunday, February 21, 2010

MC2 Post 599: Ubuntu is Officially "A Little Less Human."

Ubuntu is Officially "A Little Less Human."

Like Tiger's "Apology",  it should have been Tweeted First.

It (Ubuntu), was You Tubed, by  Mark Shuttleworth, 

Ubuntu's Founder, Yesterday.

Unfortunately there is no info on the new theme, called Lucid 

User Interface (and there is no Artwork drop) 

A freeze will take place on March 4, 

so we should see it in action very soon!

============================== ==============================

Also Tucked into the Linux' Files:

How To Stream Videos (Any Format) To Your iPhone [Linux w/ WINE].

The original How-To was posted on LifeHacker (A Great Site by-the-way) and 

using Air Video, Free from the App Store.  Of Course it was posted to 

work Only On PC or Mac's Desktops, naturally.

Someone tried it on Linux (Ubuntu) and used Wine 

(to take the place of windows) and it Worked there too!

Here's the Link to the How-To on Linux.


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