Thursday, February 25, 2010

Try a Linux Distribution on VMWare

Knoppix Inside Windows 7 and VMWare Player


Yeah!  This is what I had Planned for 

Yesterday's Post.

I have to admit this form of Virtualization is

Super Simple.

And with All the Distros 

(That's Linux-Talk for distributions or flavors)

of Linux, there is no reason why 
you shouldn't try one. 

Here's A Gteat a Great Site to
Help You Find One!!!

Yeah I know, I've had

a Link to It on 

My Favorites Links 
on the Right 

For Years.


I Just Sold Myself and picked up 

Distro Watch 


2010-02-17      Distribution Release: MilaX 0.5

MilaX     Alexander Eremin has announced the release of 
MilaX 0.5, an OpenSolaris-based mini-distribution which 
runs completely off a CD or a USB pendrive: 

"MilaX 0.5 released. 

Based on OpenSolaris snv128a. 

JWM as WM, system monitor - conky, keyboard layout switcher - SCIM.

Now with fastest browser Midori - 

Twitter, Facebook and other sites are working well. 
Fast start: boot live CD (live USB), configure network 

(Menu -> Setup -> Net Setup), run zfsinstall, reboot

and enjoy. 

Two add-ons are available for this version... MilaX is released under the CDDL license version 1. Version 0.5

requires at least 256MB RAM and a Pentium or Celeron to boot into an X desktop. 128MB RAM is sufficient for booting into command-line mode. 

MilaX is fast (about 14secs from GRUB to fully functional desktop on SSD drive)."

Download is (MD5): milax05.iso (93MB).

How can anyone Wanting to try out Solaris
Pass This Up?



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