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MC2 Post 585 The Numbers of Days

The Numbers of Days

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Days between 4/8/1989 to 2/2/2010 is 7,605 days
or 20 years.


Days Between 11/10/1942 to 2/2/2010 is 24,556 days
or 67.27 years


Apple: No iPad pre-orders for you!

Tablet ships in 60 days, says Jobs, but Apple's store doesn't let you pre-order

A 9.-7-in. tablet that comes in three memory configurations, as well as in two distinct models --
one with Wi-Fi connectivity only, the other with 3G capability as well. Jobs also spelled out
a pricing matrix that starts at $499 and ends at $829.

But while the Wi-Fi-only iPad will go on sale in 60 days, or around March 28, Apple is not
accepting pre-orders until an undetermined future date.
The Wi-Fi-plus-3G iPad will be available in 90 days, or around April 27.

Apple's Web site does contain technical specifications for the iPad, as well as a marketing video and product shots.
Link: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9149844/Apple_No_iPad_pre_orders_for_you_?taxonomyId=12

Amazon likely to raise e-book prices, 
then blame publishers

Computerworld -  When Apple Inc. introduced the iPad last week, 
it launched a lot more than a tablet device. 

The announcement included the Apple iBook store, 
which in subsequent days provoked an e-book pricing firestorm, 

leading Amazon.com to temporarily halt sales of Macmillan 
e-books and paper books over the weekend.

Reactions to Amazon's pulling the plug on Macmillan, and 

Amazon's subsequent capitulation, took off in all directions.

Macmillan authors, notably science fiction writer John Scalzi, 

were outraged by Amazon's action. 

Meanwhile, some Amazon.com e-book buyers blasted Macmillan, 
vowing they won't pay more than $9.99 for a first-release e-book, 
and will take a pass on e-books that cost as much as $14.95, 
the price Macmillan is proposing.
Link: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9150538/FAQ_Amazon_vs._Macmillan_The_iPad_wins_?source=toc


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