Tuesday, February 09, 2010

MC2 Post 592 Storm Watch Again...

Not This Storm

But This Storm

Southern California Gets Smacked Again... 


Early Adopters Beware!

Apple gets set to Shaft its initial iPad customers
It's planning a price cut

Some Good News, and Some Bad News, 

About Adobe Flash 10.1

What's All the Buzz about Google Buzz!!!

HTML 5 is Coming, These are 
11 Features of HTML 5

11.     Deprecates support for Internet Explorer 6.
10.     Variable rate <blink> tag.
9.     Answers your email, walks your dog and makes your lunch.
8.     <NSFW> tags.
7.     Uses 20% less energy than Watt-guzzling HTML 4.
6.     Only supports URL-shortened URLs.
5.     Filters lame top 11 entries.
3.     Enhanced support for people with disabilities by automatically 
        correcting "its", "it's" and "your", "you're" mistakes on pages.
2.     Opens up the other Internets to everyone.
1.     Lays groundwork for machine takeover of world in HTML 6. 


Wingman with a Late Posting, Not Bad Eh?


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