Saturday, February 06, 2010

Google Docs Replaces OpenOffice in Ubuntu Netbook Edition


 Google Docs Replaces OpenOffice 
in Ubuntu Netbook Edition

"Digitizor reports that the Ubuntu developers have dropped 

OpenOffice from the default installation of Ubuntu Netbook 

Edition (UNE) 10.04 and replaced it with Google Docs.

Documents in Ubuntu Netbook Edition will now be opened 

in Google Docs by default."

Dropping OO seems to be a Bad Choice and a Lot of Ubuntu users seem to reflect that...

A lot of Debate here about This move by Ubuntu.

Just a Glimpse about what Forums are Chatting about, on this issue.

Not Using Ubuntu, or any Other Linux Distro lately, but still Very Interested in what is going on There.

The Wingman.


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