Saturday, August 08, 2009

MRS: Microsoft Retail Store A-Coming

Revealed By Tweet Straight

from the Window's mouth:


"Here you have it, folks. We knew this was coming, but the first photographic evidence of a Microsoft retail store under construction has just come to us -- via the company's Twitter account -- and we have to say, it brought a few tears of joy to our eyes. The first two stores are set to be opened in Scottsdale, Arizona and Mission Viejo, California this fall.

Wonder if the inside will look anything like those plans we saw? "

Say it isn't so....

What Are They Going To SELL? ? ?

Wingman, dumbfounded.

e Wantabe???
Google Wantabe???
Firefox Wantabe???
Flash Wantabe???

Why Don't They Wantabe Just Microsoft?

Oh Yeah......


I just found out that Google saves every picture used
in a Blogger Post to a Blogger-named fiolder under your User Account.
Since I have 17 plus Blogs, all the pictures used in them are stored
by Google. Talk about a Mini-Cloud....
MC2 (renamed title) and MediaCircus2 have almost

800 Pictures...

Nothing Goes Away...

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