Monday, August 17, 2009

The 300 BlueTooth Bones BLOG

$300 BlueTooth Bones for the

"the best headset ever made?"


Nokia BH-905 Stereo Bluetooth Headset:
Engadget shows us the "the best headset ever made?" The Bluetooth-equipped cans, along with its ten microphones, supple ear cups and

A2DP / AVCRP support, are expected to launch globally next month for around three hundred bones,

Tap into your Nokia's Hidden Talents



What's This???
ASUS's RT-N13U router wants
to make your life as EZ as possible

Also At Today's Engadget.


Wingman. The Guitar YouTube Link Top-Right will stay up for a Good Week. If you have a chance, check out the robot guitar that tunes itself. Very Cool. Since I've updated to iPod Touch 3.0 OS, I've found some cool New Apps, Here are Three:

Voice Memo
9 Toolbox and
the eBook reader Stanza (Very Readable Updated App)


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