Saturday, August 01, 2009

Post 432: Three Browsers A-Plenty

What about Chrome?

I'll get back to you...


In the meantime...

How about another Snappy


Looks Pretty BIG this way...

But Hold This Puppy in

YOUR Hand and WHOA!


Yes, it shoots 1080p native.

(this from Engadget's Mouth
Linked above)

Yeah, you don't really need 1080p in a compact like this. You know it, we know it. Kodak probably knows it too. Still, it's always pretty wild to pick up a little piece like this and know it can shoot to a native resolution that our parents can't even pronounce. The new Zi8 is certainly bulky for a "pocket" camcorder, but makes up for it by sporting a rechargeable battery, line-in audio jack, HDMI out, 2.5-inch LCD and even keeping the pop-out USB plug around for old times sake. The perks of face recognition for improved exposure and gyroscope-based image stabilization are also pretty snazzy at this $180 pricepoint. We still aren't quite sold on the way this camera (like most of these compacts) processes video -- it seems to do a lot of damage to frame-to-frame motion, something that Apple fought off pretty well with the iPhone 3GS -- but we're going to take one home and test it out a little before we throw down a verdict.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my Face...



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