Saturday, August 29, 2009

The BIG Apple Apology by Wingman...

The BIG Apology by Wingman...

Many, many Years ago I stated uncategorically : "Nobody needs 30,000 songs in their pocket. Not even Mozart."
I was, of course, berating the iPod and the $30,000 dollars that music would cost to Put In an iPod.

Today, after over a year Owner of the iPod Touch 2G, I feel compelled to state uncategorically :

"I Was Wrong!". And: "I apologized..."

The incredible device called the iPhone and in my case, the iPod Touch has "Changed my TUNE.".

I've never been a "FanBoy" for Apple. Especially since they've built their beautiful machine on top of BSD, not Linux. But even Nokia knows what's Really Under the Hood, even if Apple doesn't Say The Name: Linux.

The logic behind the cost-factor still applies, but the Gadget Store, and the Linux-Based iPhone Hack has turned the Tide. This is Not Your Grand-Dad's Newton...

This is Something Different. The Cross Platform Game Changer pundits have been giving "Lip-Service" to for oh-so-many years.

The Wonder of Wonders is Apple's Second Grand Slam in a Row. The First was of course, the iTunes Store. And the Second: The Gadget Store, and the Billion Plus Apps that changes your pocket computer into what-ever you want.


Thank you Steve Jobs for okaying this Process.

Wingman, humbled by gadgetry again...


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