Thursday, August 06, 2009

August 6 1997 On This Day Microsoft Saved Apple.

The Day Microsoft Saved Apple.
August 6 1997

Macworld Boston 1997

The Day Fan Boys

Booed Bill and Steve

said "No, no no.".

And the World has said:

"i ,i , i " every since.

iPod, iTunes, iPhone


I guess Bill is $orry now.

Story Link at:

But maybe Not, competition is

Good for Every One.

And Hindsight is Always



From YouTube:

MacWorld Boston 1997 -Full Version:


From 113 characters to 25 with


It's Good to see the Whole Thing
As a Reminder of how Far Apple
Has Come
From the Brink...

Crazy Things being shown at Siggraph in New Orleans:

Like a

"Touchable Hologram".



Wingman, Is Reading History and and Science Fiction like the books

Mark Twain by Ron Powers

and Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson


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