Friday, September 28, 2012

MC2 Post 1402 How I Blew Wednesday and Thursday's Blog Playing with BlueStacks and

And Having Lots and Lots of Problems with DSL.

Thankfully that will be behind me as we make the "Switch" 
to Fiber TODAY. 

Everyone keps saying I need More Fiber in my Life.

Since I'm also Really Ready to get a Tablet, real-soon-now, I've been playing around a lot with the Windows desktop Android Program called Bluestack player (HD Beta 1 version).

Here are some snapshots of what occupied me on Wednesday...

and Thursday...

Gee that's a Lot of Stuff To Play (er  TEST

on the Android Emulator...

Looks like a  Part of the Apps  I have on my iPod TOUCH.

Where my Favorite TECH News aggregators are: 


See how my MC2 Blogs Look on Bluestacks FEEDLY...

 But on Bluestacks I Found a Better
News Aggregator. 

That Blew everything else away....


and it's amazing on a Tablet

Filters Important Keywords from Pages  to 
Dig Deeper into the Stories...

It's Cool and Slick and Very Useful.

I would vote it the Best I've Seen on an Android Tablet for functionality...

Makes Flipboard Look a bit Dated...

But there are other Fun distractions too.  

Like Paper Camera.

The Previous version didn't recognize the Web Cam on Windows, but the newest update to Blues Stacks had it finding the attached Web Cam with no problems...

Thus this kind of Foolishness...





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