Sunday, September 23, 2012

MC2 Post 1398 iPhone 5 and IOS 6 Apple Maps How Bad IS IT ???

Consider This, Nokia Is Taking Pot Shots At It...


Just 5 of the 16 Pictures at this CNET Web Site:


California's first 3D printer retail store to sell $600 model

212 Characters .....Very Bad..


Pulsating Nanotube Spits Out Buckyballs

A nanotube contracts when heated and expands when cooled.

What Does It Mean?

A new nanotube expands and contracts with temperature changes. It’s the first pulsating nanostructure more complicated than a sphere, researchers say.

Building nanostructures is one challenge. Getting them to move on demand is another. Here's why that motion might matter: Say scientists loaded a nanotube with medicine and sent it searching your body for a cancer cell. Once the tube found the cell, it could park outside and let the drugs leak out. To chemists, this delivery strategy is the molecular equivalent of a mailman parking the truck outside your house until wind blows your mail on your front lawn. Your mail may not even arrive at your house, if it fell out of the truck earlier in the day.

But if the nanotube carrier could expand and contract on demand, it could spit out the drugs. This molecular mailman could push packages out of the truck. That transforms the tube from just a container to a working delivery system.

191 Characaters is Way Too Much.


Researchers Demonstrate 'giant' Forces 
in Super-Strong Nanomaterials

(—In a study that could lead to advances in the emerging fields of optical computing and nanomaterials, researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology report that a new class of nanoscale slot waveguides pack 100 to 1,000 times more transverse optical force than conventional silicon slot waveguides


Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Edition is now available






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