Monday, September 03, 2012

MC2 Post 1377 Just What the 'FOO' Is Going On ??

Trekking my way back to 'FOO'.


A lot of 'minor' tech events happening before the 
Big Apple iPhone Reveal NEXT WEEK.


On THIS Week's offerings is a 
New Kindle Fire Replacement/s. 

The Kindle as you may or may not know has done very "nicely" thank you. 

But, alas. it's pretty much 'Just an eBook Reader', and a pretty 
sad "Tablet"  web and media device.

The ASUS 16GB Google Nexus 7" Tablet 

IS What the Kindle 

should be shooting at.

 But Apple has  another Trick up it's 
Sleeve with a rumored 

iPad 7+ Mini to be announced in October.

This Form Factor Is Going to Be Interesting

       End of Side-Note:

As I was trudging through a "too handy" book on my nightstand Last Night.

No, not my hard cover copy of
"The Complete Adventures and Memoirs of Shelock Holmes" 

with the a silhouette of Sherlock smoking

a pipe on the cover.

The Other One.

The One with a Python on the cover.


It suddenly came to me that those O'Reilly Animal Book Covers
  was what  I had been looking for 
when I tried Finding a picture of the
"old Mark Trail" daily comic panel. 

The O'Reilly Book "Style" was what I liked in that 

old daily comic series.  Black and White Ink renderings 

that reminded you of old woodcuts.  

I liked some of the Wood-Cut Styled Covers of 

Jethro Tull Albums too.

Anyway, what I was lookinjg for in the Python Book was:

 New Programming Editor and I thought I'd check out some that worked

 well with the Python Programming Language.

I knew about Vi (now Vim) and EMACS, 

 but what else was out there?

I had no Idea of the Can of Worms I was Opening up.



This First one will pretty much Knock Your Socks off with what's available.


and that was just for starters...


'FOO' stands for Friends Of O'Reilly. The Book Publisher.
As usual, Wikipedia explains it Best.

From:  Foo Camp
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





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