Saturday, January 28, 2012

MC2 Post 1175 MC2s Hearty Welcome to the New Faces of Television

Apple TV and Google TV  may have 

Ubuntu TV 

(that's Linux folks)




World TV streaming app on 
Google's Chrome Browser.

See CNN, Bloomberg, Fox News, CSPAN and 

even HSN Live with

The Google CHROME Browser APP


Amazon Reportedly Mulls 
Standalone Streaming Video Service

Amazon is considering breaking out its video streaming operation as a standalone subscription-based service, the New York Post reports, citing “industry sources.”  Such a move would make the company a head-to-head competitor with Netflix.


Ubuntu moves beyond the desktop with new TV interface, menu-killing navigation system


Ubuntu's HUD 
New interface design

While the announcement of Ubuntu TV definitely has a certain flash appeal to it, a new display interface deserves just as much attention. Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth recently blogged about the change, called the Head-up Display (or HUD) that does away with the menu and tries to better reflect how the human brain works.

embedded video.


Ten... smart TVs

LG Infinia 50PZ950T

LG a plasma but with THX 3D certification, deep picture tuning and a bucket-load of features, its relatively affordable PZ9 Infinia Series demands serious attention
 This 50-incher is particularly beguiling. As LG can’t graft its Passive 3D screen filter onto PDPs, this model offers Active Shutter 3D, which works well. The set can also record to external USB.

LG’s Smart TV portal is well-stocked with IPTV (catch-up from the Beeb, YouTube, Acetrax, yadda yadda ya) and there’s a rich seam of time-wasting apps to mine.  Media streaming is very good from both USB and across a LAN. The TV’s MediaLink service also supports the Plex media server PC client.



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