Sunday, January 01, 2012

MC2 Post 1151 When Mame is Not the MAME Running in Chrome

When Mame Is Not MAME

An anonymous reader writes to point out this interesting outgrowth of Google's Native Client: a Google engineer has ported MAME 0.143 to the browser-based platform, and written about the process in detail, outlining the overall strategy employed as well as specific problems that MAME presented. 

An impressive postscript from the conclusion: "The port of MAME was relatively challenging; combined with figuring out how to port SDL-based games and load resources in Native Client, the overall effort took us about 4 days to complete."

Case Study: Porting MAME to Native Client

by Robert Muth

Pretty detailed How-To on the Porting of MAME.

As you can see, there Are Still people willing to work at coding.

That's a very Good Thing.



I recently posted a story about "The Bend-Desk" on my LBK Blog 027.

The Bend-Desk is a Hardware Hacker's Effort toward a Home-Brewed Multi-Touch Device on a Curved Display. 

When I first saw the demo video (embedded again, below)  I thought: 

"Gee that looks like it could make a pretty good

Arcade Machine."

The Bend-Desk embedded Video:

Changed width 640 to 420 for 
a better Blogger fit.... Wingman.





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