Thursday, January 26, 2012

MC2 Post 1175 HP Gives Timetable for Open WebOS

From: The Land of Linux and:

Yes I was on the waiting list for a

HP Touch Tablet for $99 bucks.

And Yes it was running WebOS, 
which at the time I felt I could replace 
with either some Android variant 
or at least Linux. 

That of course fell appart with 
all the HP missteps and the CEO snafu. 
But the hardware was good enough.

Well now it seems some of the good ideas
in WebOS have been incorporated 
in Android's Ice Cream Sandwich 
and even Windows 7/8 phones.

So it May Be Worth another Look.


HP has disclosed its plans for releasing webOS as open source with a timetable that results in open WebOS 1.0 appearing in September. The process will see elements of the WebOS system being released each month until August, when those elements will be brought together to make the Open webOS beta. A month after that, the company will then make a full release of Open webOS 1.0.


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