Sunday, July 25, 2010

MC2 Post 741 Flipboard's iPad Web-zine Gets Cred

Is Flipboard A Glimpse Into A 
Brave NEW Magazine World?

 Not Everyone Is Happy About That Because Apple Is First Out of The Chute "again" with A Possible 
"Killer App" for their iPad.

Beyond The TAG RSS Scraping or Online Content Providers Like the Washington Post "Predicting" It's Imminent flop under the weight of its own hype, This raises the Bar for Content Delivery.


The FlipBoard App raises issues
on ownership of RSS content on the
Internet and legal ramifications
of RSS feeds not dealt with before.

In Other NEWS:
John Fogarty Gets Inducted 
To The Baseball "Hall of Fame" 
For His Song "Centerfield.

And The Queen Is Now
On Flickr At:


Wingman At:


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