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MC2 Post 720 Get a 1.5-terabyte SATA hard drive

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This is numero uno.

Get a 1.5-terabyte SATA hard drive for $69.99

Sales Ends July 4th


Link To Original Post by CNET:

Which has more TECH INFO on the 
Samsung Drive

Which Also Mentioned:

Ceton InfiniTV 4
Go Read About THIS Puppy:



Is This NEXT Story Worse Than Bait and Switch?


Saturday July 03, 2010
Starbucks Free Unlimited Wi-Fi: A User's Guide

We ran an article several weeks ago about Starbucks and their new unlimited Wi-Fi policy, so this is a follow up on how to navigate this new benefit to its maximum. As with any free policy, there will be limitations and catches. 
The article outlines some of the good and the bad.
Starbucks is offering free Wi-Fi at all of its company-operated locations, which means most of the Starbucks locations you visit on a daily basis will have free Wi-Fi. The exceptions will be the stores inside special locations such as airports, Target stores and Barnes & Noble locations. Free Wi-Fi access at these locations may vary. 
Use the Starbucks Store Locator to find the closest shop near you.

At Least the Link Isn't Longer than The "users guide."

Which appears to be MIA
Ah, the casualties of war, eh?

Okay maybe they Meant To Say "Check Out The Previous Story to Find our Updated Add-on Mixed In."

Link to previous Story:

Starbucks Free Unlimited Wi-Fi: A User's Guide  (dated July 2)

176 grrrrr to 26 characters...

Okay, That's Out of My System.  
Happy 4th to Everyone, and Happy Birthday to Mrs. Wingman, my real wife that I'm trying to get to write her Own Blog.  I'd have her say a few words but she's still recouperating from our wonderful niece's, Wonderful Wedding yesterday. 

And in Other News, as they say on the Tube, I came across this Week in Tech blog from Ars Technica, that seems to be an idea taken from Leo's TWiT weekly offering. 

Anyway, it goes on to talk about more leaky-leak details about Windows 8, Bad capacitors and Bad Dell, and some iPad-like features in the coming Android 3.0.  That and More.

159 characters to 26.  Liberals 
(Just Kidding. Calling them names doesn't Seem To Bother Them).


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