Thursday, July 15, 2010

MC2 Post 731 Will Blackberry OS 6 Change The Smartphone Game ?

 From GeekVine.Net:

How Can Blackberry OS 6 Change 
The Smart Phone Game?


The Smart Phone Game belongs to 

 iPhone and Android Right Now

Nokia, With The Blackberry wannabe Look and the Number One Seller of Phones Have Pretty Much Shot Themselves In The Foot with Their Catch-Up Offerings that Just Plain Suck.  

They Need A Miracle.

Blackberry,  Still Boffo with the Executive Office Crowd 
( Talks Nice with Windows Office ) 

is Also Hanging on by their Nails

The Fact that Obama Uses The Blackberry Phone 
isn't really Helping Right Now.  

But That's Mostly because He's Got  
Too Much Stuff On His Plate and 

No Smart Phone on the Planet 

can really Deal with his Multi-Tasking Needs.  

Nothing Can.

Palm is Pretty much Out Of The Picture Too.  

And HP picking up the nose diving Palm Phone 

may turn out to be Too Little and Too Late.

But Let's Give Blackberry a Chance, another Real Competitor 

in This Sector would be Welcome.


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