Monday, July 05, 2010

MC2 Post 721 Wingman Down, But Not Out 7-5-2010

Wingman Down,

But Not Out.  

See, I Can Almost Fly.

After A Day Long Series of Explosions Yesterday (from my Hacking Cough--Pun Not Intended ). 
I Finally get the subtle nuance of Jethro Tull's lyrics to Aqualung
which I won't go into Here.


The Blog Must Go On.


Maybe it's because of the way I'm Feeling, but 

Today's Story is going to be a Clickie

about Lady GaGa.

Think About it.

Her Numbers Are Staggering...


First Twitter Queen,

Now Face Book,

passing Obama.

These Numbers Are Telling Us Something.

And Advertisers Are Trying To Find 

A Way To Cash In.


Stay Tuned, Wingman At 


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