Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MC2 Post 729 Blackberry Has A Tablet With Flash Too!

Blackberry Has A Tablet_ Nyeh Nyeh...

It Will Support FLASH.

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189 Characters Wins the Prize for Old School Economics.
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The Deeper Picture:  The Flash Story.

Is Apple THAT Smart?

Wingman Commentary:

Well, the battle lines are being drawn and the line of demarcation appears to be: Adobe's Flash. 
Which Apple has vocally labeled "Old School Technology" and has decided to go with New School HTML5 instead. 

Let's pretend that Apple is right, and Flash IS a slippery slope
Leading down to technological stagnation.  
What does Apple have to benefit from all the negative chatter about Flash? 

By making an issue about Flash, Apple has cornered the opposition to adopting this Apple tagged "Old School" technology. 

A critical way for competitive Tablet's to show the difference between
Sector Leading Apple and themselves. This move forces the competition to drag old tech into their new offerings.  
Almost Biblical, Old Wine in New Bottles... 

Something that wouldn't have been such a big deal if Apple hadn't painted it as a "Big Deal".

So the New Tablet Contenders align themselves with
Flash, ergo "old technology"  and with the same brush paint Apple as leaders in "New Technology" adoption. 

Pretty Good Trick, Apple.
Does the Phrase: "Smart Like A Fox" Come to Mind?

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