Thursday, July 01, 2010

MC2 Post 717 DC's Wonder Woman Gets Make-Over

DC's Wonder Woman Gets Make-Over

There were Lots of News Postings 

About This, 

I Picked MTV over the huffington report

Wonder Woman Gets New Costume 
And 'New Direction' 

Didn't I See A Poster with Megan Fox 

as Wonder Woman??

Expect A Movie Real-Soon-Now!


Netbook LCDs Can Now Be Replaced 
With the Pixel Qi Display Kit



Microsoft kills KIN, ending Danger team's 

Pink Project

After just 48 days on the market, Microsoft has terminated its KIN phones aimed at the youth market due to a lack of interest from consumers.

Unsurprisingly, after two years of development, KIN was pulled off the market in just 48 days after only selling a reported 500 units.

There's another Post by Wired about the Kin: 

4 Reasons Why Microsoft’s Kin Phones Failed

MC2's Wingman, The Real Reason Kin Failed: 

Can Anyone Say: iPhone?

I'll Put A Link Here, only the TinyURL because the Original Link 

was 200 freaking Characters Long.  

There Must Be Some Microsoft Guys Working At Wired Too!
TinyURL Link:



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