Sunday, June 27, 2010

MC2 Post 713 Yes, It's Another WIFi SD Memory Card

But Wait, There's More!

We've Seen This Before in Digital Cameras

But You Still had to Connect the Camera, with a
USB cable, to Up Load the Pictures .

Not Any More

( Here's the Press Release )

Toshiba 8GB Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

Toshiba 8GB Wi-Fi SD Memory Card Today, Toshiba and Singapore-based Trek 2000 International Ltd. announced the development of a new Wi-Fi wireless SD card. The Wi-Fi SD card will feature an 8GB capacity, 802.11 wireless transfer rates, JPEG and RAW image compatability, and can communicate to  a Wi-Fi environment, a server, or with the same type of card in another camera (on a one-to-one basis) where users can exchange photographs quickly and easily.

Toshiba and Trek 2000 International Ltd. will be launching the “Standard Promotion Forum for Memory Cards Embedding Wireless LAN”, a forum that will invite digital camera manufacturers and other interested parties in promoting the card, to exchange ideas of technical information toward establishing standard specifications and expanding the use of the card.


It Seems Really Cool, and it Is.
But with the Jaw Dropping Specs
of Apple's iPhone 4, that let's
you Film and Edit, an HD Movie
in this Smart iPhone,
and then Post it
to Flickr or You Tube.
This Changes Everything, again.
 I see prices for 
cutting edge marvels
like the Toshiba 8GB Wi-Fi SD,

Dropping pretty quickly.

The Cutting Edge, Can
Get Dull, Pretty Quickly
These Days.

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