Friday, June 25, 2010

MC2 Post 711 The Killing Of The WEB PAGE by ELO

When Is Too Much Too Much?

Blogging us to Death

The Format to seemed so Cool just a short time ago is clogging our Media Centric shorelines.

Example A:

This is an article about: Google deletes two Android applications remotely.

But where is it in the page above?

Let me help you by Xing the parts that have nothing to do

with the story you wanted to read.

As you can see, only a small portion on the left side of the page is the actual information I was looking for, buried by AD's and boiler plate froth that the Web designers think are more important than the article.

What is wrong with this is that it looks like another media format that is hanging on by a thread, the newspapers.

ELO the Wingman.

A Paper Parody
of Media Life

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