Tuesday, June 08, 2010

MC2 Post 694 iPhone 4 VS EVO 4G

From Engadget:

A Battle of the Smarts

                      iPhone 4                              EVO 4G

Screen               960 x 640, 3.5-inch     800 x 480, 4.3-inch
Thickness                 0.37-inch                  0.47-inch
Primary camera     5 megapixel            8 megapixel
Secondary camera     VGA                    1.3 megapixel
Video chat                FaceTime              Qik


The Skinny, from LifeHacker:

The Worthwhile Announcements 
from Apple's WWDC iPhone Event, 

Link: http://lifehacker.com/5557520/the-worthwhile-announcements-from-apples-wwdc-iphone-event-bite+sized?skyline=true&s=i


A Quickie Lesson In SSD's


One year later: Wave holds promise, 
needs killer client

Google Eats Wave Dogfood


How do I invite people to try Google Wave?

When Google opened Wave to all comers during Google I/O.

What's all this stuff about a vCard or Outlook CSV file with your contacts?

Somebody Didn't Get The Memo?

The Complete Guide to Fixing 
Google Contacts

for use with Google Wave...

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