Friday, June 04, 2010

MC2 Post 690 A New Vison for Old Architechtue on Discovery

Discovery Channel 

Science, Technology and Art

Can Be Presented In A Way 

That Captures The Imagination: 



Good Example That Even
The Stuff-Shirts of Wall Street 
Somehow Noticed:


Discovery's HD Theater Premieres LIGHTSCAPES, Episode One Opens the Doors of Sacred Japan to American Audiences in a Whole New Light

"Lightscapes Episode 1: Grand Ise Shrine" 
Premieres Monday, June 21st at 7:30am ET/PT

From MarketWatch:

Discovery HD LIGHTSCAPES features the work of renowned 

Japanese media artist ,Akira Hasegawa, and his 

unique "D-K" (Digital-Kakejiku) art form that projects 

large-scale, abstract-painting-like images onto famous 

architectural structures and natural landscapes 

to create familiar yet entirely new visual experiences. 

Director and co-creator Peter H. Chang says, 

"Lightscapes is a unique television experience that seeks 

to capture not only the spirit of a place, but also the

elemental intersection of humans and nature, 

art and technology, architecture and cinematography."

Bozo Link to the MAX 195 characters vs 26!


Wingman Seeing the New Importance of HD as a Teaching Tool.


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