Thursday, June 10, 2010

MC2 Post 696 Want To Feel a Little Paranoid?

Then Check-Out RootSecure.Net 
on A Regular Basis

Where You Also Get News Tidbits Like This:

Analyst Challenges Apple's iPhone 4 
'Retina Display' Claims


Review: Magnetic macro lens
for HTC EVO 4G


Twelve absolute must-have Google 
Chrome plugins


Panasonic Lumix FX75 takes 
evolutionary step forward


Wingman Looking Dark and Deep

The Google Goof
The Background that Could Not
Be Switched OFF.

In A Case That can only be
blamed on Bing Envy. 
In It's Infinite Wisdom "Thought"
We wanted the Funky background
Images that you get from Bing.
A Quick Fix is at:
But It Gives you the
Google Home Page without the


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