Friday, June 11, 2010

MC2 Post 697 Mia Culpa, Google Doesn't Say I'm Sorry

Google Crashes and Burns 
with Home Page Shakeup


Despite Google's Goofy Bing Copy-Cat Move:

10 Reasons Why Google Is Still 
Better than Bing


209 characters to 26....Sheesh!


Panasonic Goes Crazy and Offers 
152-inch 3D TV

Let's Look At This From Another ROOM and Economy...

I bet Your iPhone 4 HD 720p Videos 

Will Have a Hard Time 

Looking Good There....

 Price For Panasonic TH-152UX1 is about $500,000.


Panasonic Makes Plasma TV's.

Panasonic 3D TVs sell out in one week

Who Does Panasonic Think They Are? 


For Those With More Modest Means:

Roundup: Light Boxes  

LED-Illuminated LCD TVs Are Power Sippers 
Smoking Pictures

New LED-illuminated LCD TVs use a lot less juice than old-school sets. Even better, they're super bright and razor slim.

You Know The Grill DRILL 173 Characters to a Nice 26 morsels...



Wingman, with  a Wing and a Prayer:

 "That 3D Cools Down, a Little...

and Cool Flat Panel Monitors
Rule the Roost...
For A Long Time and Their Prices Keep Dropping."


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