Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post 300 -- Fedora 10, My New-Old Friend

Screenshot of Fedora 10 Desktop

Late last night, in the wee, wee hours (around 2:00 a.m.), Here at Redux Manor, Fedora 10 Joined the Family.

And in the tradition of checking the Web for a Tips and Tricks website, I found the following Post Install Help Page:


PIX: Fedora 10 -- Tips and Tricks

The Linux Community is such a helpful bunch that it eases the transition from an older Distribution to a newer one by having a Tips and Tricks (new installation- Guide) to smooth away the bumps and/or pitfalls.

I've been following this Post Install Help Guide since Fedora 6 (and before that the SuSE Linux version).

Just about any Popular Linux Distro has one (Thank heavens, and Thank Community).

What is a Post Install Help Guide, you ask?

The Distribution's Install only tells you so much, and only installs the basic software for General Use --

A One Size Fits Many Approach.

Tips and Tricks goes the Extra mile and tells you about other Repos (repositories--compressed programs tailored to a specific distribution).

Especially about Multimedia Programs that differ from the original distribution's choices.

Example: Most Distros include a generic Media Player called Totem.

Totem is an OK media player (audio/video) with an easy and quick install.

A better choice, with much more versatility is My Favorite: VLC or Videolan.

In the early days, VLC was a bitch to install, with more than 30 dependencies (libraries) needed to fully run the program.

Nowadays, it's a Yum Snap if you have the right Repo, which Tips and Tricks always gives you.

Here's the command line that does the magic:

yum -y install vlc


So for the next few weeks I'll be tweaking Fedora 10 to My Preferences (old habits Are Hard to Break).

Wingman: With Linux, the World is New again.

Note: This Blog was created and posted
with the New Fedora 10

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