Thursday, January 15, 2009

Post 291 -- Will the Apple NetBook Please Sign In?

Will the Apple NetBook
Please Sign In?

I'm as guilty as anyone else. MacWorld Expo came and went and we were left pondering,

"Where is the World is the Mac's NetBooK?".

We were looking for something between the iPhone and the Air, and it never showed...

Then today I read a story on The Register about Sun Microsystems entrenchment and acquisition of Tools to enpower Cloud Computing. And their move to join the ranks of Net Storage Poviders. The reduced need for a full-Bore OS, and Mega-Storage.

It was when I sent an email to myself about this gathering of tools by Sun: Open Solaris, Java, MySQL, and New Cloud Software like Q-Layer and PyMonkey, (which reminded me a lot like Rocks Roll configuration program for their Simple Linux Cluster Creator), that something Edgar Allen Poe once said rang a bell.

The best way to hide something was to put it in plain sight.

I blinked and I saw Apple's NetBook. I was holding it in my hands and I had been using it for several months now.

It was the iPod Touch.

PymonkeyDev Link:

Wingman, really out!

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