Friday, January 16, 2009

Post 292 -- Now You See It Now You Don't

Bird of Prey Cloaks

They keep telling us how many of our Astronauts and Scientists grew up with the wonders of Star Trek and Star Wars and the Great Science Fiction Writers that gave Lift to their imaginations.

A recent book by Michio Kaku called "Physics of the Impossible", tells how close we are to making some of these impossibilities possible.

Kaku's Book Reviewed Here:

I'm "reading" it on Audible (my December selection).

Well it looks like another one of those
"Trekkie" things
is about to cross-over into reality:

The Cloaking Device.


Wingman, fading out...

Sidenote: A sad farewell to Ricardo Montanban, who I think his "Khan" on Star Trek Movie The Wrath of Khan SAVED the series...

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