Friday, January 30, 2009

Forget Netbook, Think Cloud Book: Wingman.

Forget Netbooks, Think Cloud Book:
according to the Wingman's Blog

First, there's no real definition of a Netbook. So let's say: under $300 price point, uses flash SSD's and no Optical reader.

Oh, and it should be smaller than a traditional Notebook and bigger than (if you can find one) a tablet computer.

I'm not talking Negroponte's One-computer-for-every Child here, the one that was going to be under $100 dollars.

And I don't mean the New $10 laptop being introduced by India next month (Feb. 3), whatever That is.

Link at Engadget:

and I still see the iPod Touch as the current Cloud Book, but still under powered chip wise, and the battery sucks...

Wingman talking

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