Sunday, January 04, 2009

Post 284 -- 2 Downers and 1 Upper to Start 2009

2 Downers and 1 Upper to Start 2009

Two stories in the New York Times point to a Slow turnaround in the US Economy.

Steel Industry problems follow
the Auto Industry debacle
like a Cold Hand in a Worn Glove.

The Times Paints a Credit Crunch Picture there too.

Economic woes affecting
Housing, Lending, Auto Industry,
Malls and MILk?

As Recession Deepens, So Does Milk Surplus

You can't Make a Cow

Stop Giving Milk,
like stopping an assembly line.

So the Extra gets turned into (get This)
Powdered Milk
And stored in HUGE warehouses that are
to Capacity!


Anything Out There that may Help
the Start of
A New Year?

How About

Or Rather, a Breakthrough
Technology that may Change

A patent granted last month for something called an UltraCapacitors, which is a Storage Battery Replacement Technology that was orinigally created to power Uber Electric Cars (like the Tesla)

can also be used in Laptops!

Same Size and Weight as today's batteries but 3 times the Power and can be recharged in 5 Seconds to Full Capacity.

Mentioned in
Security Now!

With Steve Gibson (Spinrite Fame)

He also mentioned a Problem with SSL,
A Last-Chance-Kit to build a PDP-8 microcomputer in the
episode (Linked Here):

Whew, I need a Rest.

(and No, I'm NOT pushing White Pagoda's
It's Just a Picture)

Okay, just one More:

NEPA goes global on Google
Pennsylvania on GoogleEarth
Streetview update.

From a Link in My Sidebar:
The Top 7 NEWS Roll

(under Google, one of the Seven)

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