Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MC2 Post 1066 Why I Hate Seeing Michio Kaku on the News

Michio on ABC News

Michio Kaku, is one of my favorite science book writers 
(on Audible: Parallel Worlds and Physics of the Impossible) 
and he's on News Again...

This Is Not Good...

Physicist Speaks On Concerns With Material At Los Alamos Lab

This Usually Means We Have Some Nuclear Spokesmen 
Telling Us:  
"We Have Nothing To Worry About".


Kaku said no one has ever fully tested the lab under real fire conditions.

“What happens if the fire spreads to the very heart of the laboratory? At that point, we have to cross our fingers hoping that ‘secure sites remain secure,’” Kaku said.





Toyota recalls 82,200 hybrid Highlander and Lexus SUVs

Haven't we heard This Scenario Before Too?



Pope Tweets for First Time, Uses iPad

Unfortunately, No Clever Hashtags were Deployed




Pope's First Tweet marks Vatican Social Media Revolution





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