Monday, June 06, 2011

MC2 Post 1042 Apple Announces iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match


Steve Jobs at WWDC Event for IOS 5
and iCloud

 Keynote just finished 1/2 hour ago.
Updating continuing at Engadget.


Over 500 changes in IOS 5

WWDC Gives a Quick Rundown of the Top 10 (plus 1)

1 Updated Notification System
2 Twitter
3 iMagazine
4 Browser will have Tabs
5 Reminders
6 Camera
    Vol Up to take a picture
    Auto Focus Lock
    Edit on the iPhone
7 Mail address drag  for flaging
    full search
    built in dictionary
    keyboard split for thumb use
8 Calendar
    software updates over the air
9 Game Center
    Add photos on Game center
    Game recommendations
10 New Messaging service over IOS 5
      fully encrypted

11 iTunes in the Cloud

24.00 at year, higher bandrate

Available this Fall



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