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MC2 Post 1039 A Train, Nieces,, Journalism and Twitter

Getting Facebook Savy:

Women in a Techie-Sophisticated World

Yesterday, as I was finishing my MC2 Blog posting duties, a facebook window pops up on my desktop.

It's my techie-sophisticated niece and husband going up the coast to Oregon on a train.  My niece explains the sudden get-away trip was because their time will be pretty much tied up when the new baby arrives at the end of the month.

I relate how my wife Linda went up that same California coast some 50 plus years ago, to visit her grandmother in Medford, Oregon.

As I continue the story, another Facebook window pops up from another niece

She is on the East Coast and remarked about a picture I posted that morning.

I start messaging to both of them.

One at home, outside of Washington DC, and the other on a train going up the California coastline.  She said she would reach Oregon in about 6 hours.

Those two, out of the blue communications  drove home the real importance of Facebook.


From Nieman Journalism Lab: 
This Week in Review

The New Top-Dog at the New York Times

There’s no question what the top story is this week: For the first time in eight years, the U.S.’ most prominent news organization, The New York Times, will have a new executive editor. And for the first time ever, that editor will be a woman. The Times announced yesterday that Bill Keller will be stepping down from the job to be a columnist, and managing editor Jill Abramson will move into the top spot, with former Los Angeles Times editor Dean Baquet taking her current position.

Twitter Me The News

How necessary is the news article?: This week’s most interesting discussion grew out of last week’s devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri — specifically, New York Times writer Brian Stelter’s reporting of the story from Joplin on Twitter. On his blog, Stelter gave a blow-by-blow of his reporting there, concluding, “I think my best reporting was on Twitter.”

CUNY j-prof Jeff Jarvis used Stelter’s Twitter reporting to argue that the article is no longer the core journalistic product, but a byproduct of the journalistic process. 


I have a comment on that, but since it refers to "Night Court" and Velvetta, I'll refrain.


e-G8 to G8: Do No Harm

I did like what Jeff Jarvis had to say to challenge 
French President Nicolas Sarkozy
at the e-G8 in Paris.


I don't want online Newspapers Looking Like Magazines.

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