Tuesday, June 07, 2011

MC2 Post 1043 Not A Good Sony Show--ing.

Not A Good Showing.

Sony Gets Booed at NGP AT&T Announcement

When Sony spokesman Kaz Hirai revealed that 3G service on the PS Vita would only be available through AT&T, there was a remarkable negative reaction of groans and boos from the audience. Even Mr. Hirai seemed to acknowledge the universal hatred toward AT&T, but had to remain faithful to the company.

204 Characters...Even the Links to Their Stories are asinine.


RSA Finally Comes Clean: 

SecurID IS Compromised

RSA Security is to replace virtually every one of the 40 million SecurID tokens currently in use as a result of the hacking attack the company disclosed back in March. The EMC subsidiary issued a letter to customers acknowledging that SecurID failed to protect defense contractor Lockheed Martin, which last month reported a hack attempt.

Must Be Tuesday's Bozo Limks... 212 Characters.
Use TinyURL's 26.


5 Things Apple Borrowed from Android for iOS 5

So Old School.


Three for Three....Ridiculous.  199 Characters.



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