Saturday, June 11, 2011

MC2 Post 1048 Anyone Who Thinks They Know Quantum Physics IS WRONG!

That's My Second Favorite Quote.

My First is Arthur C Clarke's "Any significantly advanced technology........."


How about a subset of it, like 
Quantum Computing?

Here's a Video Refresher.

Quantum Computing for the Determined


Actually, only a Partial List. 
For the Full Nuts and Bolts. 

Here’s the full list of videos, including the first one above. Note that because this really does get into the nuts and bolts of how things work, it also builds cumulatively. You can’t just skip straight to the quantum teleportation video and hope to understand it, you’ll need to work through the earlier videos, unless you already understand their content.
The basics

    The qubit
    Tips for working with qubits
    Our first quantum gate: the quantum NOT gate
    The Hadamard gate
    Measuring a qubit
    General single-qubit gates
    Why unitaries are the only matrices which preserve length
    Examples of single-qubit quantum gates
    The controlled-NOT gate
    Universal quantum computation


Yes, That's Just for Starters....

ACC quote finish is: " indistinguishable from Magic.."
Which is Clarke's Third Law.


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