Friday, August 27, 2010

MC2 Post 770 Next Week Google/Apple TV Or Not TV?

By September 7th, the two innovating giants of today's technology will enter the Ring of TV.

Google TV and Apple TV are each hoping to create a beachhead on the final Old Media Delivery System. 

Yes, I know, we just got going with Blu-ray and HDTV and yes 3D is almost just-around-the-corner (for Sports).

So What Is Google and Apple Up To?

How much more can you cram into an iPhone or an Android Smartphone?

How about streaming TV that you can rent just like an iTunes song?

And Google just needs to add TV content on their You Tube App.

How do think the Cable Companies are feeling now?  They throw a ton of programs at you

that you pay for as a package deal when there are only a handful of shows you want.

I put a list of My Favorite HD channels and indivual shows on my LBK Blog.  I could care less about the 400 to 500 others. 

And premium channels are a joke.  80% of their movies are repeated month after month after month.

But now you're saying, OK but who wants to see this stuff on a tiny itty bitty screen?

Hold your popcorn, they've got that covered too.

HDMI streaming out from your iPhone or Android XY and Z to you home theater system.

How sweet is That?

The industry is up for a shake-out in the next few months.  I see set-top boxes that serve the rented content wherever you want or need it. 

Why Else would you need Netflix on your Smart Phone?

I just added the Hulu App to my iTouch 2G and watched the classic: 

The Cosmos with Carl Sagan.

Just-In-Time Graboids:

Blockbuster will file for bankruptcy

H.264 Video License Now Royalty-free for Life

Gmail Users Make One Million Calls in 24 Hours


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Putting Google Realtime to Real-World Use


Samsung 90 and 30 series LCD's 

work hard as computer monitors

Play Hard as 1080p HDTVs

Netgear Announces NeoTV 550 & 350 HD Media Players plus other Networking Goodies



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