Saturday, August 07, 2010

MC2 Post 754 Blog Topic: Wingman Almost Goes Around The Bend

A Beautiful Replacement for your Notepad

Oh, If only That were True.  I Use Notepad daily for this and my other Blog Postings.  I'm comfortable with Notepad.  It's a simple tool that does a simple job.  I've tried replacements.  Like Gedit in Linux and Notepad++ (which is hiding on my desktop somewhere).

But I always seem to go back to my comfortable slippers known as Notepad.

I fired-up Bend, downloaded from Here:  
and started this Blog.  

I built my basic Blogger Framework: Date, Blog Title, Lead Line and Main Link and space for my MC2 Logo.

Cut and Paste was the familiar CTRL-C CTRL-V commands I use in Notepad.
So Far so good.

The Main Link was automatically changed to an actual Link.  

Cool, but even the Notpad on my iTouch does that.

Then I tried to
SAVE my quick skeleton blog.

The Command Bar was pretty sparse with just:  

New  Open  Save  Save+ and Replace.  

Also to the Top Right was three small type commands: 

min max and quit 

on top of a search Box witha little magnifying glass. 


Well, well I said to myself, scavenger-hunt time.  I pressed New thinking it had Drop Down Menu of possible choices.  It did, but it also cleared the Skeleton Text I just entered.  No "would you like to save your "File AS ..." first.

Bad Mojo.

Thus, here I am Looking For The Ultimate Replacement 

for my ratty old but still quite usable 



Wingman At:
MC2 Logo


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