Monday, August 09, 2010

Mc2 Post 756 JailbreakMe Returns:

If Leo Can Do It On a Sunday

episode of TWiT.  

I should be able
to do the same on my iPod Touch,

Gee, Wasn't That Simple?

The Little Boxes with colored squares imside
Are Folders filled with a Category Sorted Apps 
Like: Books, Internet Radio, Sports News etc.

A Speed Bump was noticed and word is
you get better Battery Life

So What The Hey.


See, Even Arabians Have Hackers

Arabs get past Blackberry ban with a simple application

INTERNET USERS seeking to overcome the ban on Blackberrys in various Persian Gulf states have turned to alternative software.

Talking exclusively with The INQUIRER, Tobias Kemper, US general manager for Nimbuzz said that his firm has seen registrations from 
the Middle East grow from "two hundred to 34,000" last Thursday alone. 

The company creates and operates software that aggregates
various social notworks and instant messaging networks.

This is A Way To Side-Step the Previous 
UAE Injunction on Blacklberry use.

Earlier This Week From The Inquierer:

UAE Looks to Reel In Blackberry Usage
To Avoid Social Repercussions

By Lawrence Latif
Mon Jul 26 2010, 12:55
THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) is considering blocking Blackberry applications in a bid to 'safeguard' consumers and laws.


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