Sunday, August 15, 2010

MC2 Post 762 The End of IPV4 Is Near


The IPv6 transition: what you can do 
to prepare (Podcast)

ARIN IPv6 Wiki:

Jason at

IPv6: The End of the Internet As We Know It 
(and I feel fine)

121 to 26 Characters

Jason Gets it Wrong, How About Next August-September 
When We Run Out of IPV4 Address? He Must Be Looking
At The Wrong Mayan Calender.  
Or Just Trying Too Hard To Force A Tie-In 
With A So-So End Of Days Movie "2012".

A Couple of Weeks Ago, Steve Gibson Gave Us (TWiTers), 
The Real Scoop on Security Now Podcast XXX 
(I'm Looking it Up).




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