Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome to the World of Smart Phones

Welcome to the World of Smart Phones

iPhone & Android Now Total 

The Study says 55% of the Smart Phones is Apple's iPhone and the Other 20% is the New
Android (DROID) models.  Palm Pre and the Blackberry Smart Phones both lost ground to the New Droid Upstart and it's Clever Advertising against the iPhone 3G coverage with Maps.

Not everyone is aware that the Mac's OS X and the iPhone OS is based on a Linux cousin called BSD.  That's why Linux Open Source Software can be ported tro both fairly easily.

That means the iPhone is running a disguised BSD (Linux Like OS), the Droid Smartphones are running Google's Android OS (A very Open Source Linux OS)
and the newly announced Esle is also running on a Linux Distro (Distribution, of which there are over 100 well known from Fedora to Ubuntu to Knoppix and even BSD's).

==================================== Logo states:
Put the fun back into computing, (in Red) Use Linux, BSD.

Linux Distros:


Distrowatch Page Grab:


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