Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Blog: ITEMS in my email InBox.

2009: The Year the Cloud was Seeded 

(from PCWorld)




Evidence of new Apple's iPhone model. (from AppleInsider)



Trial 3D TV Service to Begin This Year

(from The Korea Times)


Most of these come from my Twitterific account on my iPod Touch sent by email.

Monday Sidenotes:

From the AP.

Collider, at Geneva, Breaks record set by Chicago Lab,

by sending beams of the particles at 1.18

Trillion electron volts around the 

massive machine on Monday.

"Three hours later both LHC beams were successfully 

accelerated to 1.18 TeV," shortly after midnight,

the organization said."

The electron volt is an extremely small measure used in particle physics. One TeV is about the energy of the motion of a flying mosquito, but it becomes signficant in the submicroscopic collisions of the collider.


Jerry Pournelle was on TWiT this weekend.  Not my favorite SF writer but he was a 

mainstay on BYTE Magazine in the early days of computers on his column called 

Chaos Manor.

Lucifer's Hammer is now on Audible, according to Leo.

But since I'm reading Stephen King for my current SF fiction, I should talk.


Wingman, posting.

 Two NBA players fined by league for Tweeting during a game they were playing...

B&N Nook eBook reader is being delayed to next week.

New Zealand launches First Rocket.


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