Thursday, November 12, 2009

MC2 Blog: Quick -Quick Hitters...

MC2 Blog: Quick Hitters...


1. Save a Webpage in PDF Format with Web2PDF



(The More Affordable Version)

2 Matrox Debuts Graphics Card with 8 Display Support.

(The Pricey Version)


Link Loser at 118 characters vesus TU at 26.


Matrox at InfoComm China 2009


Matrox Triple Head2Go Link:


3 Fujitsu F-04B Has a different cell-phone idea:

Splitville: Make it splitable.

Separate the Keyboard from the Touch Display when needed...



4 Even Apple Can't Keep a Good Hacker Down

In It's efforts to stop use of Snow Leopard on Intel (Atom) based

netbooks (which include Dell Hewlett
-Packard, Samsung, EEE and

Lenovo, Apple's recent upgrade (10.6.2)have Locked them Out.
One of the designers who simplified the Hackintosh mod into a

user-friendly installer was on the case
immediately and offered a quick


In addition, he stated that a full-blown fix will be available in "a few
weeks" -- barely enough time for Apple to enjoy its "silver bullet."

As incredible as the speed and diligence of the hacker community is, even more astounding is

notion that companies are able to fully control how their products are run once they're

No matter how many safeguards and legal threats a company makes, a little intuitive

tinkering will
always make short work of them. Preventative measures are simply a waste of

valuable time and

Open source projects like Google's (GOOG) Android platform,

Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, and Linux

already know this.

Why can't the rest?

This Story was emailed from my jailbroken iPod Touch to my Windows based Desktop.

Heh, heh, heh....


Wingman, Still a Linux Man at Heart.

Now running Opera 10.01
and Firefox
and (shudder!!!) Windows Explorer
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