Friday, November 13, 2009

MC2 and Media Madness and More.....

Bottom Drops for MicroSD's

New Start-up Says It's DVD's

Will Last 1000 years

The DiamonDisc uses standard DVD players

and burn software

Do We Really Want Or Need That?

Microsoft Buys Teamprise from

Sourcegear LLC

Story From Slashdot

"Microsoft's Senior Vice President, Developer Division, S. Somasegar has announced

that Microsoft has
acquired Teamprise from Sourcegear, LLC, and will be shipping it

as part of the upcoming Visual Studio
2010 release. Teamprise is an Eclipse plugin

(and related tools) for connecting to Team Foundation
Server, Microsoft's source-

control/project-management system. What's most interesting about this is not

only that Microsoft has realized that heterogeneous development platforms are

important to their
developer customers, but the fact that Microsoft themselves will

now be developing and shipping
products based on those heterogeneous platforms,

including 5 versions of Unix."

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