Friday, November 20, 2009

Post 524: Everybody Needs A Hypervisor, Don't They???


Everybody Needs A Hypervisor,

Don't They???



Xen Live CD v2.0 Available At The Above Link

Go Get Yours NOW!


Some features :

The version i386 of the Xen Live CD has a Xen Hypervisor for
64-bits CPUs as an option in GRUB's menu.

You can use without
any problem, a 32-bits dom0/domU on top of a 64-bits hypervisor.

* The Xorg open source X Window System. * Basic Gnome Desktop.

* Five tools ready to use for the management of the system, they
are: the command `xm' of the Xen, the libvirt, the program virt- manager, the tool xen-tools and program Convirt.

* Two read-only root file systems that are used by four virtual machines, two servers and two work stations. The servers (server01 and server02) make use of the file "ubuntu-8.10-server- i386.squashfs" and the work stations (client01 and client02) make use of the file "ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.squashfs", both located in the CD-ROM of the Xen Live CD.

Requirements to run the Xen Live CD v2.0 Minimal:

* 1 computer with a minimum of 1G of RAM;

* 1 compatible network card (recognized as eth0);

* 1 good video board.

You actualy can run Xen Live CD on every computer compatible with Debian. To make extra virtual machines:

* 1 optional hard disk or network attached storage, used to host virtual disks of your new virtual machines.


Wingman, I Think it's a Good Idea...


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